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warewacollector's Journal

Ware Wa Collector
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LJ's only fan comm for Jirarudan the Collector! Post pics and fics (remember the LJ cut), talk about Jiri in general, or even about your own Pokémon-related collections. But be polite--Jirarudan wouldn't have it any other way.

This is an all-ages comm, so if you're posting anything PG-13 or higher, provide a warning. Shipping of all sorts is allowed, so as long as the warnings and lj-cuts are in place, you can post anything you want.

If you'd like to talk about more organized villians/bad guys/antigonists, please join our affiliate rocket100 for fics and chat.

Other affliates--pkmncollectors for collection talk, pokewants for the searching collector, pokemon for general Pokémon discussion, pokeanime_fans for general Pokémon anime discussion, poke100 for themed Pokémon fanfiction, shamouti_island and the_sketchbook for general Pokémon fanfiction.