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Somewhat OT, though still relevant to this community's interests IMHO

I'm pretty sure everyone here knows I'm a huge Gundam fan (and if you didn't, now you do!). The timeline I'm the most dedicated to, the Universal Century (which is actually the first and most important Gundam universe on the Japanese end of things) has a new OVA that's currently coming out called Gundam Unicorn. It's all kinds of awesome and sexy and has the most beautiful soundtrack ever and ;3;wlefnfkvnfjn BUT I DIGRESS.

What the butt does this have to do with our beloved Jirizzle? Well Gundam Unicorn has introduced us to a new faction at play in the Universal Century, the Vist Foundation. They're a bunch of art collectors who've secretly been pulling the strings on some of the inner working of the Earth Federation government for quite a while. And to top it off, it's headed by this guy, Cardeas Vist who I swear looks like he could be Jiri's father. He's also a total fucking badass and has some pretty awesome digs (not an airship though, just a fancy mansion).

Does this tempt me more than it should to write bizarre crossovers I probably shouldn't write? You bet your buns.
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