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So, I actually exist, and I bring Jiri goodness.

I'm the friend Android Raptor keeps mentioning, so here's proof of my existence. XD I thought I'd finally post my 1/6 Jiri (yes, I have one, too! Well, technically three, but the other two are weird) because I like how pretty he is in his Halloween costume (he went as an angel). I haven't made his official outfit yet because I want to do it in brocade and can't find the right ones yet.

His eyebrow chipped, unfortunately, and his hair is a little messed up at the moment. I need to wet it again so it will be right again.

Jiri being pretty.

Lawrence: Ah, today's rather lovely.... The autumn sky looks beautiful....

But wait, what's this?!
Lawrence: Oh my!
What's this?! A demon?! No, a devil!

Dan: Well well well, what have we here? An angel?
Lawrence: A devil?!
Raep imminent?

Dan: "You know...."
Yank curly-qs for service!

Dan: "You're so fucking cute!"
Lawrence: "Mmmmphhhhhhfffffff!"
Falling over imminent.
I swear to Ho-Oh that Dan is not some stupid fire priestess Mary Sue with a chlamydia infection. He's actually got a bunch of wild stories about his youth, some of which involve him making stupid mistakes.

More pics here http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php?aid=27414&id=1775906561

Lawrence is a pale tone 27cm slim male Obitsu with a male head (I forget which number).
I bought the dress, but I made the wings and accessories.

Dan is a flesh tone 27cm female Obitsu (modified to be male) with a 27cm Obitsu female head 02.
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